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forklift rotator for sale


1. Eaton powerful hydraulic motor.
2. Rotational Torque-Good torque ensures smooth and positive rotation of the load.
3. The drive box and motor are positioned behind the baseplate to provide maximum visibility for forklift driver.
4. Heavy duty gearbox and rotating bearing provide superior service life.
5.1 piece of truck auxiliary valve is necessary. 140bar≤ Working Pressure ≤ 180bar.
6. Fitting Screw M18X1.5-74° (concave); Recommended Hydraulic Pipe internal diameter = 10mm(3/8'').
7. If not requested, Rotators are shipped without forks!


[email protected] centerआदर्शकक्षागाड़ी
Fork Max.Spacing(mm)CGV
[email protected]RT-25M-A01297086031265132181
[email protected]RT-25M-A022104093031065132290
[email protected]RT-25M-A112104093026286170290
[email protected]RT-25M-A122110099026290170297
[email protected]RT-35M-B0131100990285122248310
[email protected]RT-35M-B02312001090285128248317
[email protected]RT-50M-B01312001090285126248320
[email protected]RT-50M-B02313801260285132248337
[email protected]RT-70M-C01412001090372115275570
[email protected]RT-70M-C02415351420372118275615

बुनियादी जानकारी

Model NO.: RT-25M RT-35M RT-50M RT-70
Style: Single Face
Type: Material Handling
Power: Forklift Attachments
Specification: Ec, ISO
HS Code: 843120

सामग्री: स्टील
Driving: Hydraulic Motor
Load Capacity: 1~10t
Trademark: MIK
मूल: चीन


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