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फोर्कलिफ्ट बिन रोटेटर

कार्य और अनुप्रयोग

Rolling over 360 ° , rotating forklift forks.
Widely used in food industry, chemical industry, sanitation industry, recyle industry, smelt casting industry, etc.


*Proven durable construction design, unique rotating drive system, meed the hight stength continuous operation.
*Strong roatating driving torque achieved the stable and reliable rotating function.
*Hydraulic motor fixed with reversible hydraulic lock, any angle position of lock function.



-Optional carriage width

विशेष विवरण

Products Nameक्षमता @ लोड सेंटरमद संख्या।ट्रक / रोटेटर बढ़ते वर्गरोटेटर / Forks
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समग्र चौड़ाई
अंग को घुमानेवाली पेशी[email protected]RRB20D-001aद्वितीयद्वितीय815705610840188
[email protected]RRB20D-002Aद्वितीयद्वितीय815705610840254
[email protected]RRB20D-003Aद्वितीयद्वितीय815705610840259
[email protected]RRB20D-004Aद्वितीयद्वितीय815705610840268
[email protected]RRB20D-005Aद्वितीयद्वितीय815705610840277
[email protected]RRB20D-006Aद्वितीयद्वितीय815705813840300
[email protected]RRB20D-007Aद्वितीयद्वितीय940835813965309
[email protected]RRB30D-008Aद्वितीयद्वितीय940855813965313
[email protected]RRB30D-008Bतृतीयद्वितीय940855813965329
[email protected]RRB30D-009Aद्वितीयद्वितीय114510608131170327
[email protected]RRB30D-009Bतृतीयद्वितीय114510608131170343
[email protected]RRB35D-010Bतृतीयतृतीय10659908131090390
[email protected]RRB35D-011bतृतीयतृतीय122011408131245406

जल्दी से विवरण

उत्पत्ति के प्लेस: फ़ुज़ियान, चीन (मुख्यभूमि)
ब्रांड नाम: HUAMAI
Model Number: Hydraulic-Rotator
Rolling: Over 360 degree
Mounting Class: II or III
Power: Hydraulic
Material: High Strenght Steel
Certificate: ISO9001/2000
Usage: Rotating forklift forks or bins
मुख्य भाग: विश्व स्तर
Surface treatment: Paint
Color: As requirements
Warranty: 1 Year


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