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Supply Forklift Carton Clamp

Our company can supply a wide range of bale clamps for all applications; pulp, waste paper, cotton, tobacco, foam and more. A variety of capacities, opening ranges and arm finishes will ensure that you get the right model for your application.

Forklift Standards

3.0Ton Diesel Forklift Truck 2 stage , Hydraulic transmission (Automatic), 1.22M fork, China Engine 490BPG,Penumatic tyre, Maintenance Free Battery. Seat with safety belt & steady bar Warning light


Mast: 2-stage 3.3m/3.5m/4mmast; 3-stage4.5m/5m/5.5m/6m/7.3mmast.
Optional engine:EURO II/III China engine; DEUTZ-DACHAI engine; ISUZU engine;
YANMAR engine
Side shifter/Rotator/Push / Pull /Paper Roll clamps Pole attachments etc
Solid tires



शक्तिशाली इंजन
Low center of gravity, small turning radius, more stable and reliable
Comfortable seat for long-time operation
Safe overhead guard
Rear light for working in the dark
Dual air filter
Streamline balance weight
Various Attachments options

Technical Parameters

निर्धारित क्षमताकिलोग्राम3000
भार केन्द्रमिमी500
शक्ति प्रकारडीज़ल
आयामLifting heightमिमी3000
मुक्त उठाने की ऊँचाईमिमी80
त्रिज्या बदलनामिमी2500
Overall lengthमिमी3800
समग्र चौड़ाईमिमी1230
Overall height (mast lowered)मिमी2095
Overall height (mast raised)मिमी4080
Overall height (overhead guard)मिमी2110
Fork lengthमिमी1220
Fork widthमिमी125
Fork thicknessमिमी45
प्रदर्शनMax. driving speed (with/without load)किमी / घंटा18/20
Max. lifting speed (with load)मिमी /400
Max. traction (with/without load)kn15.5/10.5
ग्रेडैबिलिटी (लोड के साथ / बिना)%15/20
Tilting angles(forward/backward)°6/12
Service weightकिलोग्राम4320
इंजनइंजन का मॉडल490BPG
निर्धारित गतिआरपीएम2650
सिलेंडर की संख्या4
पहियाFront overhangमिमी465
Wheel baseमिमी1700
Front treadमिमी1000
Rear treadमिमी970
सामने का टायर28x9-15
पिछला पहिया6.50-10

जल्दी से विवरण

उत्पत्ति के प्लेस: चीन (मुख्यभूमि)
ब्रांड नाम: HUAMAI
मॉडल संख्या: HUAMAI30
Forklift Type: Electric/ Diesel/ Lpg/ Gaslion Fork lift Truck
Loading Capacity: 3 tonne / 6000 lbs/3000kg
lift height: 2-stage 3.3m/3.5m/4m mast; 3-stage4.5m/5m/5.5m/6m/7.3m mast
Tire: Pneumatic tires(optional air or solid)
Options: Cab with heater/ air conditioning EURO II/III China engine
Attachments: Side shifter/Rotator/bale clamps attachments
Application: pulp, waste paper, cotton, tobacco, foam
Mast: Duplex mast / Triplex mast
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